Everything you need to know about school


On this page we will take you through a typical school day from Early Club to Extended Day. It’s here that you’ll find information on key times for key activities and about the day-to-day arrangements for school. At the end we’ve included responses to the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

Early Club

An Early Club (previously known as the Breakfast Club) is available for those children whose parents have to be at work early.  The club is available from 8.00am to 8.50am every weekday morning during term time.

Each session costs £1.00 per child. If you would like further information or would like to book a space please ask at the school office. Please note that breakfast is NOT available in this club.

The Start of the School Day

  • The playground gate in Mulgrave Road opens at 8.45am each morning.
  • Children in Y3 & Y4 remain in the charge of their parents until the school bell rings and teacher supervision begins at 8.55.
  • Children in Y5 and Y6 can walk to school independently provided the school has signed permission from the family. They are expected to travel directly to school and wait in the playground until the bell rings at 8.55am
  • The parents/carers of children in Rec, Y1 and Y2 are welcome to drop their child(ren) off in the classrooms from 8.50. Rec parents are also welcome to ‘stay-&-play’ with their child at the start of the day.
  • Children should not arrive at school before 8.45am unless they are attending Early  Club, as there will not be any adult supervision available.
  • The statutory school day begins at 9.00 sharp. Registers are taken and children who are not in class at this time will be marked as late.

Morning Break times:

  • KS1: 10.30am to 10.45am
  • KS2: 10.45am to 11.00am
  • On some days children in Y1-6 will have a whole school assembly after which all children have a 15 minute break together.

An engaging play environment

The school’s substantial grounds include:

  • an inner green space with wildlife pond, woodland copse, fire-pit and vegetable plot
  • the Unity Farm that includes a chicken coop and community allotments
  • an extensive nursery outdoor area
  • a large Primary playground complete with an outdoor classroom/activity area, an adventure play area and ball court

Children are encouraged to participate in active, social play outdoor weather permitting. In addition to the outdoor spaces the adjacent indoor Studio space is open at lunchtime for Primary children to take part in creative art and table-top games and activities. The school also offers a number of sports-based lunchtime clubs and gardening clubs.


  • Nursery & Rec: Lunch 11.45am to 12.45pm
  • Rec & KS1 (Y1 & Y2: Lunch12.00pm to 12.30pm / Playtime12.30pm to1.00pm
  • Lower KS2 (Y3 & Y4): Lunch 12.30pm to 1.00pm / Playtime 1.00pm to1.30pm
  • Upper KS2 (Y5 & Y6): Playtime 12.30 to1.00 / Lunch 1.00pm to 1.30pm

Afternoon break:

  • KS1 only: a 15 minute break at an appropriate time

The End of the School Day

  • The pedestrian gate Mulgrave Road is re-opened at 3.10pm
  • Nursery, Reception & KS1: Finish at 3.15pm
  • Parents/carers are welcome to remain in the playground to pick up older siblings. Please note that children released to parents are no longer under the supervision of the school and should be closely supervised by their parents. Children are not allowed to ride scooters or bikes in the playground, climb on the climbing frame or play in the nursery outdoor space.
  • KS2: Finishes at 3.30pm


  • Please make every effort to arrive at school in good time at the beginning and end of the school day.
  • If your child is not attending school, or if you are likely to be collecting your child late, please ring us on 0207 385 6847 to let us know.
  • Please note a charge may be made for supervising children longer than 10 minutes after the end of the school day. This will equate to the Extended Day rate of £1.30.


  • We believe a school uniform is helpful in establishing good standards of appearance in school and by wearing it children quickly feel part of the school community.
  • Children wear school uniform from Reception Class to Year 6. Nursery-aged children do not wear uniform.
  • We ask that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name to ensure that any items that are mislaid can be returned.
  • A lost property bin is located in the KS2 cloakroom close to the Primary playground entrance.

Our School Uniform

Black or grey long trousers or in summer black or grey shorts Black or grey trousers / Black or grey skirt or pinafore dress

or in Summer a green & white checked dress

White polo-shirt White polo-shirt
Dark Green sweatshirt or jumper Dark Green sweatshirt or jumper
Black shoes Black shoes (low heels only)
Please note: trainers are not appropriate for day-to-day footwear in school and are not part of our school uniform. Please encourage your child/children to only wear trainers for PE/sports sessions, or as a change of footwear at break-times, if they intend to play football or something similar. 
Black, grey, green or white socks Black, grey, green or white tights / socks
If required, a black, white or green head scarf
Green coat [optional] Green coat [optional]
School bag School bag
The school office sells sweatshirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, bags and green coat with the school logo:

P.E. Bag                                £2.50

P.E. T-shirt                          £4.50

Book Bag                             £5.00

Junior back pack                £8.00


Coat [on order]                 £15.50

Small adult 36”                 £21.50

Adult 38”                          £24.50


Polo Shirt 5-6 years               £6.50

Polo Shirt 7-8 years                £6.50

Polo Shirt 9-10 years             £6.50

Polo Shirt 11-12 years           £6.50

Polo Shirt Small adult            £7.50

Sweatshirt 3-4 years               £8.50

Sweatshirt 5-6 years               £8.50

Sweatshirt 7-8 years               £8.50

Sweatshirt 9-10 years            £8.50

Sweatshirt 11-12 years          £8.50

Sweatshirt Small Adult           £9.50


Plain black/white shorts


Plain black/white shorts or leggings
‘Normand Croft’ logo green T-Shirt


‘Normand Croft’ logo green T-Shirt


Trainers or ‘plimsolls’ Trainers or ‘plimsolls’
PE bag PE bag
It is very important that the children have a change of clothing for PE. Their kit can be kept in a PE bag and may be brought to school at the beginning of the week and taken home on a Friday to be washed.

To help ensure that children and their property is safe, it is the school rule that:

  • jewellery (with the exception of very small ‘stud-type’ ear-rings) should not be worn by children. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are not appropriate in school and should not be worn
  • if children bring valuable items, such as mobile phones, to school, these must be handed in to the school reception upon arrival. The school cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to valuables if children do not hand them in for safe keeping.


 School meals

  • Children attending Normand Croft are welcome to eat a school meal in our self-service dining hall or bring in a packed lunch from home.
  • School meals cost £1.85 per day or £9.25 per week.
  • Healthy options are always available, with a wide range of choices including daily freshly baked bread, a salad bar and fresh fruit platter;  everyday there are halal, non-halal and vegetarian options.
  • Please let us know if your child has any food allergies to ensure that an appropriate meal is provided.
  • Packed lunches should be brought to school each day and placed in the appropriate storage box. Please ensure that the packed lunch is an appropriate healthy balanced meal. Packed lunches will be monitored by the school and parents informed if the meals are not meeting nutritional standards. Please not that packed lunches are not refrigerated during the morning, so please ensure that contents do not require refrigeration.
  • All meals are eaten in the dining hall. Children sit in friendship groups, with a weekly opportunity to change tables.

Free school meals

  • All children in Rec, Y1 & Y2 are currently eligible for a free school meal.
  • From Year 3 upwards some children whose families meet the criteria may be entitled to continue to receive a free school meal.
  • If you think your child may be eligible, please ask at the office for details on how to apply.

Healthy snacks and drinks

  • Under the Fruit in School scheme children in Early Years, Y1 & Y2 are entitled to a piece of fruit each day free of charge. This is given as a playtime snack.
  • Children are encouraged to have a water bottle and are encouraged to drink water during the day. In nursery and Rec a snack table with a jug of water is available during the day.
  • Sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not permitted in school and should not form any part of children’s packed lunch or playtime snacks.


Extended Day: we offer a term-time only out-of-school-hours service for working parents. Extended Day offers children a chance to relax and take part in an informal range of activities such as drawing, playing board games, using construction sets etc. as well as offering those children staying after 5.00pm a simple snack meal. It is important that parents book the service in advance. The cost up to 4.30pm is £1.30 and to 5.45pm is £3.80 per session.

After-school Clubs: We regularly update the menu of clubs available after school. Letters are sent home to individual classes outlining what clubs are on offer. This could include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • multi-skills
  • singing/choir
  • computing
  • gardening

Off-site Visits: to enrich the curriculum we take children on a wide range of educational, academic and cultural visits linked to their current topics.

Residential Experience: Children in Y6 take part in a four night residential visit at an outdoor adventure centre during the Autumn term.

After-school Visits: we try to minimize the number of activities where children might arrive back at school after the normal home time. We will always inform you if there is to be a planned late return. If there is an unplanned delay we will try to inform you as soon as possible via our school text-message system.


The annual school holiday calendar will be sent to you regularly and is always available either from the school office or on the HERE on this website.


Home learning is an integral part of teaching/learning activities at school and extends opportunities for pupils to practice their newly learned skills and competencies.

Class teachers will share our approach at meet-the-teacher sessions and during Family Workshops and further information in our approach to home learning will be added HERE soon.


The school’s SEND Co-ordinator or SENDCo Helen Atkinson can be contacted at: senco@normandcroft.lbhf.sch.uk

We provide a range of child-centred teaching and learning approaches that enable all children to gain access to a broad, balanced and appropriately differentiated curriculum. Children with a physical disability are fully supported in accessing all parts of the school.

More information on our approach to meeting children’s additional needs (our ‘school offer’) can be read HERE. Our SEND policy can be read HERE.


Whilst we endeavour to subsidise the cost of the majority of school visits we may, at times, ask for a voluntary contribution to cover the costs of a particular event/activity.

It is our policy that children should not be excluded from any visits/activities, which are an essential part of the school curriculum, if parents or carers are unable to pay. You can read our charging policy in greater detail HERE.


We will send text messages, and place regular updates on our website, of any school closure due to severe weather or other emergency. Please check your phone and the school website for updates and please don’t send children to school until you have confirmed that we are open.


Staff are not allowed to administer medication unless written permission has been given by the parent/carer and the school has agreed that administering the medication is appropriate.

The school policy outlining our approach can be read HERE.


The Education Reform Act regulates the teaching of R.E. and collective worship in schools.

We encourage children to appreciate the world in which they live and to appreciate and give equal value to everyone who lives in it.

Our assemblies reflect our strong shared-values ethos.

For more information please our Assemblies & Collective Worship Policy can be read HERE.


Talking to the teacher: Parents/carers are welcome to discuss their child’s progress, behaviour and/or other concerns without waiting for a formal meeting. Teachers are often available at the end of the school day for just such informal conversations. If parents/carers would like a longer chat this can be quickly and easily arranged by talking to the teacher. If you would like to see the headteacher or deputy head this  can be arranged through the school office.

Keeping in Touch: Parents and carers can also keep in touch with what’s going on in school by reading the weekly newsletter or visiting the class pages where many classes maintain a blog celebrating the children’s learning.

Voluntary helpers: we use voluntary helpers to:

  • support our curriculum offer
  • provide support for children and staff in a range of ways
  • support out-of-school activities
  • help maintain Unity Farm

If you are interested in helping, by accompanying children on school trips or offering your skills to help with an after-school club etc. please ask at the school office or have a chat with your child’s teacher.


If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the school office and we will be happy to help.

Q. What should I do if my child is going to be absent?

A. Regular attendance is essential for children to realise their full potential.  If your child is going to be absent please notify the school by telephoning the school office 0207 385 6847 as soon as possible. The office will also need to see proof of a medical appointment that takes place during the school day. The school office is open from 8.00am and closes at 5.30pm.

If any child is absent without the school being informed, the school office will make a courtesy call home to check the reason for the absence.

Once a child’s attendance figure drops below 90% they are classed as persistently absent. This equals to missing one month of school per year and will have a huge, negative impact on your child’s learning and progress.  Our whole school attendance target is 96%+ per year.

A copy of our attendance policy ‘Every Day Counts’ can be read HERE.

Please note that if children do not attend regularly the Education Welfare Officer may become involved and that the school can issue fines to secure improved attendance.

Q. Is it possible to take my child out of school during term-time?

A. Absence other than sickness absence is unauthorised absence. The school will not authorise time off in term-time. Families should talk to the head teacher as soon as possible if they intend to take children out of school for any reason during term-time.

Q. Can children attend medical appointments during the school day?

A. Please make every effort to make appointments for the doctor or dentist outside the school day or in the holidays as this helps to minimise the time that your child is absent from school. If an appointment in the school day cannot be avoided please try to make it either at the start of the day or end of the day. Pease remember to contact the school office prior to collecting your child to help us to minimise disruption to the class. Please note that unaccompanied children will not be allowed to go home or attend an appointment.

Q. What’s the school’s advice regarding returning to school after sickness or diarrhea?

A. When children have been off school with sickness or diarrhoea parents are requested to keep them at home for 24 hours following the last attack.

Q. Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

A. Unless there is a valid reason, such as allowing Y5 and Y6 children to walk to/from school unsupervised, mobile phones are not allowed in school. Y5/Y6 children must place their mobile phones in the class box at the start of the school day. The box will then be sent to the school office for safe keeping during the school day and returned to class at the end of the day.

Any contact with your child must be via the school office during the school day and you should not encourage your child to keep a mobile phone on their person during the school day.

Please note that the school cannot be liable for mobile phones being damaged or stolen if the arrangements outlined above are not followed.

Q. Where can I find the school’s policies?

A. We think it’s vital to develop and define a set of consistent rules, expectations and procedures that help define ‘the way we do things here’.  An archive of all our policies can be read HERE.