Welcome from Acting Head teacher Katrine Bulley


Thank you for visiting our website.

I am very proud of the fantastic progress children achieve each year at Normand Croft, but I’m prouder still of the positive partnership – between children, parents and staff – that makes this possible.

I believe that children’s achievement is founded on an understanding that we all do our best when we feel safe and happy, and when we are valued.

At Normand Croft we aim to ensure that learning is active and enjoyable. Our talented staff team generates a wealth of positive learning opportunities for all. Our children become experts in a wide range of knowledge and ideas, they make links with other learning and they travel beyond the classroom to extend their experience, perspectives and understanding.

I believe our child-centred focus on learning and our strong values-based approach is captured in our vision statement which defines our common ground as a school community:


We put children at the heart of everything we do achieving their safety, happiness and progress as learners underpins every aspect of our work

We set high standards with high expectations of, and aspirations for, all children

We support and challenge every child ensuring high quality teaching helps to overcome barriers to learning, and through building (and re-building) children’s self-belief enable them to achieve their potential

We value individuals ensuring that every child receives an education that’s tailored to their needs, and where enjoyment and achievement walk hand-in-hand

We enable children to shine giving them the opportunities, responsibility and trust needed to learn for themselves, and explore/use their talents

We build bridges between children, parents, families and communities and work in partnership with others for the benefit of children

We celebrate core values such as excellence, responsibility, respect, determination, independence, tolerance and trust as expressions of our school ethos

I hope you enjoy visiting our website, welcome to Normand Croft!


Katrine Bulley
Acting Head Teacher